Fall Ball

Registration is now open for Fall Ball and will remain open until August 11th.  The deadline for registration will NOT be extended this year.  Click here to register:Fall Ball Registration

The Fall Ball is a developmental season which runs from just after Labour Day until approximately October 15th (Mother Nature Permitting)  Players are separated into age based divisions from Rookie Ball to Teenage (Juniors and Seniors).  Evaluations usually occur prior to Labour Day.  Teams are formed with kids from multiple associations across Little League Alberta Baseball District 3 (Foothills, Centennial, Bowridge and CalEast).  The fees for all ages will be $150.  All players will receive a Fall Ball jersey to wear.


What are the Little League Age brackets?

Little League has chosen for baseball to align kids ages around a September to August Calendar span to ensure kids participating at the Little League World Series are the appropriate age for their respective division.  This differs from other sports in the Calgary area – however as a Little League Chartered Association we are required to follow the age brackets as they are established in the Little League Rule book

Those age brackets are as follows:


What are the Divisions?

Rookie Ball LL ages 6-7-8*

Players continue to develop their skills and learn the rules of baseball. Emphasis is placed upon hitting, base running, fielding/ throwing and teamwork. Both Offensive and Defensive fundamentals are stressed.  Rookie Ball will be machine pitch format.  Innings will consist of 5 runs or three outs.  Teams will practice one night during the week, play one game on Saturday and one game on Sunday.  Eight year olds that are new to baseball or are still developing their skills will be placed in Rookie Ball.  Players will not be evaluated for this age group.

Minors LL ages 8-9-10*

Players are evaluated for the first time in Minors.  Player pitching is introduced, and all players are encouraged to try pitching. Umpires in this division allow a fairly liberal strike zone. The object of the game is to get the ball hit into play as often as possible. Players are encouraged to play all positions throughout the season.  Eight year olds that have experience playing Minors will be considered for this division.  All players will be evaluated and teams will be drafted based on the evaluation results.

Majors LL ages 11-12*

Majors players will use full Little League rules.  Majors age kids will be evaluated and all teams will be selected via a draft.

Teenage Division age Ages 13-16

In the Teenage Division leading off is introduced and diamond sizes and rules are in line with the rules of baseball.

Depending on final registration numbers either all players will be placed in a Teenage Division ages (13-16) or if the registration numbers are high enough we may split into two division of Juniors (13/14) and Senior (15/16).





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