2020 Modified Spring/Summer Season

We are excited to announce that Foothills Little League has begun the process of relaunching baseball. As most of you are aware Alberta Health Services has given the approval for team sports to begin and our Board has voted to begin a modified season while following certain guidelines due to COVID19.  You can review the FHLL Return To Play Safety Plan prior to registering. Registration opens June 19th at 5:00pm and closes June 24th at 11:59pm.  Please note, we will NOT be accepting any late registrations.

During this time of pandemic, we acknowledge that it has been a difficult time for many families, and especially our kids.  As such, we believe that providing a safe environment for kids to be active, outdoors and having fun while safely interacting with others has far reaching mental and physical health benefits.  However, we understand and acknowledge that some parents may be uncomfortable with allowing their children to continue.  For those that are interested in having their child enrolled in baseball this summer, we will be providing programming.

In order to get this modified season up and running, we need your help.  We will not be asking for parent volunteer deposits, but we simply cannot make this season work without everyone pitching in.  Please ensure that you sign up for volunteer roles at registration so that the work can be spread evenly across the teams and divisions.

ALL PARENTS WHO REGISTER THEIR PLAYERS IN BASEBALL WILL BE REQUIRED TO SIGN THE COVID19 WAIVER. PLAYERS WILL NOT BE ELIGIBLE TO PLAY IF THE WAIVER IS NOT SIGNED. For parents unwilling to sign the waiver your child will be withdrawn from the program. You will be asked to complete the waiver during the registration process. 

Why we are updating the waiver? - we want everyone to be aware of the risk and for you to be comfortable with your decision to play. Therefore, the waiver makes you aware of this risk. We also want you to be aware of the safety plan in place that takes the appropriate steps to minimize the risk now and in the future.

What will the modified season look like?

  1. The focus of the 2020 modified baseball season will be on developing player skills, while allowing them to get outside and have fun interacting with other kids in a safe environment.
  2. We will offer baseball for players who are eligible (based on their baseball age) to play Minors, Majors/Nationals, Juniors and Seniors. We will NOT be offering Instructional Level baseball this year, but we will offer this again in our 2021 season.
  3. We will create teams based on divisions, assign practice times and locations for all teams. Teams will be created by Foothills Division coordinators with input from coaches with parity based on previous years evaluation scores.There will NOT be formal evaluations, however coaches may ask certain players to be assessed to determine the appropriate team placement. *For Majors/Nationals age players, please see below for additional information.
  4. Coaches/managers will be provided a set of safety guidelines to follow during practices and they will send this information out to parents once registration has closed.  We have also created a role of team safety manager who will help coaches carry out the safety guidelines required. Every team must have a dedicated safety manager in order to play. For reference, our league safety plan can be found here.
  5. Each player must have their own equipment for the season including: glove, helmet, bat, grey ball pants, protective gear and socks. Foothills will provide players with a jersey (to return at the end of the season) and hat (which the player will keep)

Baseball Registration

Our Divisions are set up as follows:

Instructional 1, 2 & 3 – will not be offered this modified season

Minor (Ages 8 - 10) - $150

Majors/Nationals (Ages 11 & 12) - $150

Junior (Age 13 & 14) - $150

Senior (Ages 15 & 16) - $150

Please click here to register.

All payments are due at the time of registration by credit card.


Age Chart

Please click here for the 2020 Age Chart.


Majors/Nationals Players

FHLL plans to form one Majors team to play in an Interlock "Mini-League" against two other local associations.  We will also form multiple Nationals teams to play in a Foothills "Mini House League".

Players will be required to try out for the Majors team.  Evaluations will not be held for Nationals.  Please indicate on your registration if you would like your player to try out for Majors.

Majors - Interlock

Season will run from the last weekend in June to mid-August

Games 2 days/week and practices 2 days/week

Expected Commitment: Players to be available 6 of the 7 weeks.

All games will be played within District 3 (Calgary North).

Nationals - House League

Season will run from early July to mid-August.

1-2 practices and 1-2 games per week.

Expected Commitment: Players to attend 75% of the practices and games.

All games will be played on Foothills Diamonds.


Juniors - Interlock

Season to run from last week in June to mid-August.

2-3 games per week 1-2 practices per week.

Recommended commitment 6 of the 7 weeks.

No evaluations - Teams formed from previous years evaluation results where possible.

Teams to play within district 3 if possible.


Seniors - Interlock

Season will run from the last weekend in June to mid-August.

2-3 games and 1-2 practices per week.

Expected Commitment: Players to be available 6 of the 7 weeks.

All games will be played within District 3 (Calgary North).

No evaluations, players will be assigned to teams based on parity and head coaches input from the spring.