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Foothills Little League fosters a safe, positive and inclusive environment where young athletes can develop their skills, build their self-confidence and make new friends, while learning sportsmanship and building character.


Our mission is to provide children in our community with the opportunity to learn and play the game of baseball in a safe, supportive and fun environment.  We strive to promote leadership, dedication and personal development through fair play, hard work and respect for others.



We offer a combination of recreation and competition for players ages 4 to 16 through regular season play among local teams.  The regular season runs from April to June with a focus on skill development, equal playing time and most importantly, fun. FHLL is a member of Little League Alberta District 3.

For those players whose skills are more advanced and who wish to play a more competitive season of baseball, the Little League All Star program continues into July and early August.  All Star teams are chosen based on an evaluation process and continue the focus on skill development and fun, but with a greater emphasis on player positional play and team success.

We also offer a Fall Development Season that runs from September to October for ages 7 to 16.

Foothills Girls Baseball

Did you know:

- In 2023 there were 75 female players in our league and we formed all-girls teams in T-ball, Coach Pitch and Minors 'A'
- During Registration girls have the option of selecting either an all-girls team or co-ed.  We always make sure to place multiple girls on co-ed teams.
- Girls have the option of either playing in their regular age group or they can play down one year, this is the player's choice.  Please contact our Registrar if you would like to play down a year.
- There are multiple special events set up for girls baseball this season.  There will be a Girls Clinic in May and an All-Girls Baseball Tournament in late June.  Foothills have secured spots for Coach Pitch, Minors and Majors teams.  Girls that are registered for the spring season are eligible to play at no additional cost.
- Multiple former Foothills players have played on U14 and U16 Alberta Girls Teams and one former player recently played on the Canadian National Women's Team.
- In December 2023 two current Foothills Players were invited to play in the Leighton Accardo Tournament in Arizona with the top U12 Female players in North America
- Female baseball (U16) will debut at the 2025 Canada Summer Games
Recent studies have concluded the benefits of girls playing sports:
- Girls who participate in sport are less likely to be depressed, more likely to reach higher academic goals and more likely to demonstrate improved self-confidence (Merkel, 2013)
- Girls who play sport are 11% more likely to say they’re “happy the way they are(Girls’ Index Impact Report, Ruling Our Experiences, 2017)
- Statistics show that 41% of girls between ages 3 and 17 don’t participate in sports, and 84% of adult women don’t participate in sports at all.
- Girls are participating in sport at rates much lower than those of their male counterparts. (26% of 5-17 year old girls average 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous activity everyday vs. 48% of 5-17 year old boys*)
- If a girl hasn’t participated in sport by the age of 10, there is only a 10% chance that she will be physically active as an adult. (CAAWS, 2016)
- By the age of 14, girls are 1.5x more likely to drop out of sport than boys. (Girls in Sport Study, Gatorade, 2017)
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Objectives & Expected Level Of Play By Division

Instructional T-Ball

(Baseball Age 4 and 5) This division will play Tues/Thurs nights 6:30 - 7:30 and will be a combination of T-Ball and Coach Pitch as individual skill progresses.  Focus is on fun and skill development!  We will be forming an ALL-GIRLS TEAM in this age group.

Diamond Locations for Instructional  (click on name to display map)

Capital Hill

Buchanan School



Instructional Coach Pitch

(Baseball Age 6 and 7) This division will play Mon/Wed nights 6:30 - 7:45.  This division is primarily focused on skill development.  Teams will typically spend half the night working on skills and the other half playing a mini-game against another team.  The purpose of the mini-game is to give the kids game play experience in preparation for the Minors Division.  We will be forming ALL-GIRLS TEAMS in this age group.

Diamond Locations for Instructional  (click on name to display map)

Capital Hill

Buchanan School



(Baseball Age 8 - 10)  The Minors Division is divided into three tiers to ensure that players of similar skill levels are grouped together to maximize player development and ensure a positive experience.  All skills levels, including new players, are encouraged to sign up!  Players will be placed on a team in an appropriate tier after evaluations have been completed.  All tiers will play in a house league which means that all games/practices are local, there is no travel outside of our boundaries.

Players should expect 2 weekday games and 1-2 practices per week, as determined by the coach.  A 70% time commitment is required for games and practices.

We will be forming an ALL-GIRLS TEAM in the A-Tier of this division.

A Tier - This tier will primarily be machine pitch.  Batters will have the option of receiving pitches from either the "Zooka" pitching machine or a coach.  Players will be given up to 7 pitches per at bat, there are no walks.  Innings will consist of either three outs or five runs.  This is a fast paced format to keep the kids engaged.  Game scores and standings will not kept, the focus is on developing skills to prepare them for the more advanced tiers.  Games will be played on Monday and Wednesday, team practices will be on Thursday and optional development sessions will be offered on Friday.

AA Tier - This tier is a hybrid between player pitch and coach pitch.  All at bats will start with a player pitching from 40', if the count reaches 4 balls then a coach will pitch until there is ball hit in play or strike out, there are no walks.  This format will allow players to develop for future full player-pitch divisions.  Pitch counting, score keeping and umpires will be used in this tier.  Standings will be kept and there will be play-off games at the end of the season. Games will be played on Monday and Wednesday, 1-2 practices on the weekend will be scheduled by coaches.

AAA Tier - This is our most advanced tier and features full player pitch from 46'.  Full Minors rules, pitch counting, scorekeeping and umpires will be used for this tier.  Standings will be kept and there will be play off games at the end of the season.  Teams will competing for an opportunity to win the "Foothills Minors Cup".  Games will be played on Tuesday and Thursday, 1-2 practices on the weekend will be scheduled by coaches.

Diamond Locations for Minors (click on name to display map) 

Parkdale Community Centre

Parkdale Helicopter Playground




Banff Trail Park  


(Baseball Age 11 and 12) Historically, this division has been tiered with the top percentage of players evaluated placed on Majors teams and the rest placed on Nationals teams.  Players will be assigned to either a Majors or Nationals team after skill evaluations are completed.

Game nights vary based on interlock schedule vs. teams throughout north Calgary.  Players should also expect at least one and sometimes two practices per week, as determined by the coach and a 70% time commitment is required for games and practices.

Home Diamond Locations for both Majors/Nationals (click on name to display map)

John Laurie

Confederation Park Majors Diamond

Egert's Park


(Baseball Age 13 and 14) Teams will play in a Foothills House League.  All games and practices will be local, there won't be any travel outside our boundaries.  Teams will play one weekday game either Tuesday or Thursday and one Saturday game.  There will be 1-2 practices per week, these will be scheduled by the coaches.  All players will be required to complete an evaluation so that equal teams can be formed.

Diamond Locations for Juniors (click on name to display map)



Confederation Park Seniors Diamond


(Baseball Age 15 and 16) Game nights vary based on interlock schedule vs. teams throughout north Calgary and Airdrie. Practice nights are coach scheduled.

Diamond Locations for Seniors (click on name to display map)

Confederation Park Seniors Diamond


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Little League was first chartered in Canada in 1951 and was the first International Little League charter ever granted. Little League Baseball involves more than three million youth worldwide in over 100 countries. It is the largest amateur volunteer sport organization in the world. Visit Little League International for more information.

Volunteers give their time to provide a healthy and wholesome, family oriented activity for the children of their community. Little League Canada has only two full time employees. The managers, coaches, umpires, league administrators, etc. are all volunteers from within the Canadian Community.

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