Executive Committee

FHLL Executive Committee


Steve Hicks

Email President

Vice President

Andrea Orzech

Email FHLL Vice President


Desleigh Langfield



Derek Sung

Email Treasurer


Ceremonies Coordiantor

Magesh Pillay

Email Ceremonies Coordinator



Ophelia Liew

Email Registrar

Communications Coordinator &

Uniform Coordinator

Yvette Hicks

Email Uniform Coordinator

Equipment Coordinator

Michael St. James

Email Equipment Coordinator


Umpire in Chief

Chris Adams

Email Umpire in Chief

Umpire Coordinator

Kristina Sherriff

Email Umpire Coordinator

Casino Coordinator


All Stars Coordinator



Instructional Coordinator

Amber Huskich

Email Instructional Coordinator

TeamSnap/Website Coordinator

Konstantin Nikolov

Email TeamSnap/Web Coordinator

Minors Coordinator

Jennifer Wickson

Email Minors Coordinator


Minors Evaluations Coordinator

Walker Macleod

Email Evaluations Coordinator

Majors/Nationals Coordinator

Michelle Alaica

Email Majors/Nationals Coordinator

Volunteer Coordinator



Juniors/Seniors Coordinator

Eric Dulong

Email Juniors/Seniors Coordinator

Safety Coordinator

Walker Macleod

Email Safety Coordinator

Field Coordinator

Rob Bromley

Email Field Coordinator

Training Coordinator

Ryan Macauley


Special Projects Manager

Debbie Todd


Girls Coordinator

Sanja Serwa

Email Girls Coordinator



Little League was first chartered in Canada in 1951 and was the first International Little League charter ever granted. Little League Baseball involves more than three million youth worldwide in over 100 countries. It is the largest amateur volunteer sport organization in the world. Visit Little League International for more information.

Volunteers give their time to provide a healthy and wholesome, family oriented activity for the children of their community. Little League Canada has only two full time employees. The managers, coaches, umpires, league administrators, etc. are all volunteers from within the Canadian Community.

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